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Alpine Elegance Amidst
Murree’s Splendor

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    Holiday Country Club sprawls across 800 kanals of pristine terrain, offering a sanctuary of serenity and luxury. Within this expansive estate, nature's artistry unfolds with 3 natural water channels. Emboldening the scenery are 5 magnificent mountain ridges, each commanding awe-inspiring views of the surrounding vistas.Amidst this verdant expanse thrive over 5000 majestic pine trees, lending their fragrance and shade to every corner of our retreat.Additionally, the charm of the landscape is further enriched by the presence of over 4000 Diyar trees, standing tall as guardians of our idyllic haven.

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    Holiday Country Club Features That Define Opulence

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    Swimming Pool
    Tree Decks
    Signature Club
    Business Lounge
    Horse Riding club
    Tennis Court
    Kids Play area
    Sports Arena
    Adventure Club
    Hiking Trails

    Sauna Spa


    Watch the construction of the complex in real time

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      Ground Breaking

      Groundbreaking is the significant initial step in a construction project where the first excavation or foundation work begins.

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      Grey Structure Completion

      In construction, Holiday Country Club’s grey structureof the unfinished stage where the building's skeleton (beams, columns, and floors) is complete.

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      Roofing and Exterior Enclosure

      Roofing and exterior enclosure in a construction project involve the installation of the building's roof and enclosing its structure.

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      Completion and handover mark the final phase of a construction project. During this stage, all construction work is finished, and the building is ready for occupancy.



    • Gloria Jeans
    • McDonald’s
    • Chaaye Khana
    • Second Cup
    • OPTP
    • Patriata Chair Lift & Cable Car

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    Holiday Country Club'sstrategic location where the Key to Business is Success


    The location of our holiday country club is far more than just a pin on a map; it's a meticulously chosen strategic asset that embodies the essence of relaxation, luxury, and exclusivity.
    GT Road
    Murree Expressway
    Angori Road
    Karor Road
    Kotli Sattian Road

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